Fixing a major Canadian university one tweet at a time

"Mending Fences"

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@fixuoft (let's try this again) Let the Engineering Society leave UTSU 12:40 PM Apr 13th via web

@fixuoft Let the Engineering Society of UTSU 12:35 PM Apr 13th via web

@fixuoft The washrooms adjacent to Sid's Cafe. Am I right, ladies? 3:38 PM Apr 9th via web

@fixUofT Thank you! 11:21 AM Apr 9th via web in reply to fixUofT

@fixUofT An ancillary fee structure based on usage 7:58 AM Apr 7th via Echofon

@FixUofT Take the bloody neon heart off of Hart House and paint Student Union's dome something less holloweeny. 7:03 PM Apr 2nd via web

@fixUofT: Make all campus spaces fully accessible. 3:34 PM Apr 1st via TwitBird iPhone

@fixUofT Need more washrooms in the Law buildings - e.g., on the main floor of Laskin law library, restroom only accommodates 1 per gender 2:18 PM Apr 1st via TweetDeck

@fixUofT @petahhh @spencersoya It's anti-abortion, no one is against choice. Banning the exchange of ideas on campus wont fix U of T. 11:24 PM Mar 31st via web in reply to fixUofT

@fixuoft Make the UTSU accountable, transparent and democratic. 10:20 PM Mar 31st via web

@fixUofT Pajamas should be banned from campus. Throw on some jeans at the very least 9:52 PM Mar 31st via web

@fixUofT Maybe we could insist that anti-choice rallies be removed from campus? 1:44 PM Mar 31st via OpenBeak

@fixUofT When I was a student at uoft the Sexual DIversity program was still very male acadamia driven, I think there needs to be wider rep. 12:03 PM Mar 24th via web

@fixuoft: Install more night lighting around campus. Especially around Hart House's dark and creepy at night! 10:02 AM Mar 24th via web

@fixUofT One online portal for ALL student services! 9:47 AM Mar 23rd via Echofon

@fixuoft Supply of spare pens for students in exam halls. 9:09 AM Mar 23rd via Echofon

@fixUofT more healthy and affordable food on campus 12:19 PM Mar 17th via web

@fixuoft free public wifi 11:45 AM Mar 17th via Echofon

@fixUofT Fix the diagonal staircases at Robarts, the engineers have been laughing at our expense for far too long now 1:58 PM Mar 16th via web

@fixUofT: Reduce parking fees at UofT downtown campus 1:49 PM Mar 16th via web