Mores & the cultural prerogative of space race advertising

williamsEx-Cell-O Advertisement

Lately I've become increasingly addicted to iTunes radio. Not only for the exposure to a bevy of great indie artists from around the world, but also for the opportunty to play cultural "peeping tom" by way of the advertisments broadcasted throughout the various regions. The following are excerpts from a recent Indie 103.1 (L.A.) broadcast:

"Millions of hard working Americans have found themselves overloaded with credit card debt. It's not your fault, and we can help..."

"Now you can lose 10, 20, even 30 pounds instantly without dieting and without changing your lifestyle..."

You know, the space race era also produced some curious, socially allegorical advertisements for its time as well. For a nostalgiac look back in advertising history I encourage you to head on over to IO9 and take a peek at "Advertising The Space Race".