Covering a bad novel

williamsMy photo adorning a stinking pile of poo...

One of my photos was licensed for a book cover. My excitement has since been muted. It seems the quality of the subject matter can be likened to the smell of rotting pork in mid July.

Smells like bad pork
User Review - Stacy - -
I have finished all of John Sandford's Lucas Davenport series except the newest release which is still in hardcopy not paperback. All books received from Amazon were received in great shape and new, just as ordered.

Hardly Up to Snuff
User Review - GB Talovich - -
My friend James asked me to read this book. He began it three or four times, but the beginning is so dreadful he couldn't get any further into it, and wanted my opinion. I agree. The beginning is so ...

Never ending twists!
User Review - R. Belanger "Veggie" - -
Wicked Prey was the first book I had read by John Sandford. I had read a good review of this book in our local newspaper so I bought it. It was great! Good character development in that you really ...

I was bored by the book
User Review - Raymond V. Stanton - -
I'm a big fan of the "Prey" novels. I enjoy amongest things their vivid characters and crisp dialogue. In this novel making a 14 year old girl a main character slowed the book down for me. I found myself skipping sections of the book when ever she appeared.