Masochism & flight responses

An excerpt from "Markings":

Self-deprecation, strong flight responses and a predilection for days on end straddling a motorcycle in the middle of nowhere. Its a recipe for irony, ready to serve (although not very palatable). A gas bar attendant, excusing himself as he poked around the old Triumph twin I was riding, once told me: "Only bikers know why dogs stick their heads out the car window." Perhaps, I thought. But I really had to think about it. In fact, I really had to try to remember back to when it was just about that. For me, in the here and now, it was simply about the blending horizons and the white noise. Theres something primal, almost holistic, about a forcing yourself into connectivity withdrawal. Something masochistic about the ensuing state of hyper self-consciousness. Anxiety, paranoia… all the little physical reminders of just how far removed you are from whatever it is youre trying to escape. Good times. Eventually, one of these excursions will end up seeing me ride off the cliffs of Dover, sans the credit sequence, soundtrack or the originality. Until then, Im content with the loner persona it affords me.

*Note: While this post may seem a bit more esoteric than my usual rambling, at the very least it was a good excuse to post some old school British street punk...

Charged GBH - "Give Me Fire", 1982