City of Markham Public Art Plan: from consultation to concept

As requested by Council and outlined in the Public Art Policy approved May 2012, the 3-year Public Art Plan will identify possible sites and recommended priorities where public art projects could be developed. This plan defines scope of each project, its terms of reference and conditions and budget. It establishes the terms, conditions, objectives and outcomes of the public art program.

The Public Art Plan will demonstrate that public art is a vital component of the 4 core pillars of community sustainability identified in the City of Markham’s Culture Policy Plan (2012). The Public Art Plan shows how implementation of the Culture Department’s Public Art Program across public and private spaces will; Embody the diversity of Markham’s communities by allowing the languages of culture to be shared between them; Encourage social engagement between community members; Deepen physical and symbolic ties between the community and the local environment; Stimulate internal and external economic benefits.