Grief, Violence and Cultural Hierarchies

Grief & Violence

Humans exhibit tuned responses to certain types of stimulus. Some are managed, some are manageable and some manage us. Separating instinct from habit is what can twist us up into pretzel like fits of hyper-anxiety. What I know, and what I have experienced is this; as a manageable response, fear is instinctive. As a response that manages us, fear is habitual. Nothing informs more dramatically a human beings overall quality of life than how they approach their own fear. The attempts we make to manage fear manifest in our relationships and, ultimately, our long-term happiness.

Cultural Hierarchies

All authority is inherently illegitimate unless subscribed to.

The idea that power and authority is reflected through the hierarchical structures a culture creates for itself. Hierarchies can be created from within or from without. Hierarchies can be subject to conference or secrecy. In any case, the end result is the same. The worldview of the individual is informed by their status within the hierarchy they occupy. Let me elaborate;

Occasionally, as resources become scarce, the drive to posses more of what values us draws us into conflict with one another. This is evidenced through class based consternation, a resistance to masterhood for example.