Because they're cool

williamsSteve McQueen on a Triumph motorcycle
Excerpt from The Selvedge Yard:

"Get yourself a motorcycle. Nuff said."

I had an opportunity to be interviewed by a local group of motorcycle "sub-culturalists" pitching a reality show concept. The idea is to mix the biker build-off forumla with equal parts cafe racer lifetsyle segments. During the course of my interview (on camera... yikes!), I mused about the solidification of the "ultimate cool", oozing from the historical figures popularly associated with the cafe bike sub-culture. Names like Steve McQueen, Johnny Hallyday & Peter Fonda (yes, the star spangled banner bike guy) . What these characters represent, in being ultimately "cool", is an effortless sense of individuality. For deeper reflections on bikes, style and the personailities that embody them, I strongly recommend visting The Selvedge Yard.