Active imagery, poetry & personal brands

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Poetry: Active images & verbs coming together to signify their totality. eg: A moose charging my canoe, wearing the pants my grandmother made, breathing the cold stiff air, causing me to bail into the water, laughing as I lay down to sleep

Shape, form and movement. These represent active imagery that enables us to transform our words into poetry. Without active imagery we would never be able to re-invent, re-interpret or re-tell our stories. The imagery we settle upon becomes, in a sense, our own personal inventory of visual collateral. We continually reference our inventory to both take stock of, and re-evaluate our changing place in the world around us. Master practitioners of story telling are able to plant in the minds of their readers, with almost surgical precision, a mood or a memory, a sense of panic or a feeling of impending elation. In fact, the writers we subscribe to (esoterically at least), represent our own eclectic collection of contradictory personalities. They represent an inventory of the multitude of brands that we are all comprised of.

A wind swept field of wheat, drenched by the midday sun and framed by a blue sky;

The warm hum of a flickering neon sign, tucked away in a seedy part of town;